Vietnam and Cambodia - Summer 2009

Our mission was to provide daily need supplies to over 200 families and orphanages in Vietnam and Cambodia.

Our first destination was in Dong Nai Province, Vietnam. Here we provided supplies to 200 families in the northern part of Saigon. These people live in a remote area where transportation to and from the city is impossible. They have no clean water supply and the food that they eat each day is unhealthy. Most of these people live in small huts. We provided each family with a gift package that contained toothpaste, tooth brushes, cooking oil, sugar, rice, salt, and soy sauce.

Our next destination was at the orphanage at the nearby Buddha Temple. Again, we provided them with items such as rice, soy sauce, formula milk, and clothes.

Next we visited the boat villagers in Cambodia. Since the fall of Saigon, these people live in boats all their lives. They reside in their boats on the border of Cambodia in the Mekong River. Here, we mainly visited the children of these boat villagers. We observed how they live and do their daily activities. We donated notebooks, pens, money($5.00 to each of the 75 children), and clothes to these children.

Finally, our last place was The Kien Klaing Orphanage Center in Cambodia. This center had about 65 children ranging from infants to teenager when we arrived. This center is special in that the devotee at the temple is currently sponsoring 4 teenager; 2 boys and 2 girls. These teenagers are currently in college. The devotee has been monitoring their grades in school for the past few years. This year the devotee decided to donate a notebook laptop to the top student. In addition, the association also donated sandals and clothes to the center for the children.

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