Recent Trips: Summer 2009 - Summer 2012 - Summer 2013

The purpose of the Culture of Golden Heart Association is to continue the proud tradition of upholding the morality and compassionate nature of humanity. Our association consists of various activities that include lending a helping hand to other nonprofit groups with their charity works. Nevertheless, one of our important projects is the annual mission trip that is organized every summer to reach out our hands to the less fortunate in underprivileged areas. We use the donations gathered from philanthropist groups and individuals to provide foods, living expenses and other daily living essentials. More importantly, we hope that our action and thought will encourage them to persevere and continue to overcome their obstacles in everyday life.

In addition, our summer mission trips provide an opportunity for high school and college students to participate and contribute toward society. The students will have a valuable experience of interacting with people of various cultures in different parts of the world. The students will witness the difficult living situations and the unimaginable hardship of society that these unfortunate people have to endure. We hope that these students will develop a compassionate and loving heart for the less fortunate and become a bigger part in helping the community.