Mission Statment

Written on the account of Master Van-Phap:

When Saigon collapsed in 1975, my family and I were forced to escape from the communist regime to find freedom. After leaving Vietnam by boat, we arrived in Thailand where we resided in a refugee camp for some time. After a series of interviews made by the U.S ambassador, we were granted permission to enter the U.S in the late 1977, where we later became legal U.S citizens. As time passed, my family worked through numerous difficulties until we finally found a place to settle down. After I was accepted in to college, I vigorously studied until I earned my degree in Oriental medicine. In 1995, I made the second journey in life to seek freedom. This time, the freedom that I was searching for did not involve any aspects of political, economic, nor social hardships. But what I sought to do was to spiritually liberate myself form the burdens in life. Now, as a Buddhist monk, I discipline myself as I nurture my compassion seed. I believe in the cycle of life, nothing is permanent, thus, everything shares the same nature, as well as the Four Noble Truth (birth, aging, sickness, death) and their connections. So in return for my existence in this life, I wish to contribute my good fortune to those who are not as prosperous as I am. Thus, spawned my mission for the creation of the Culture of Golden Heart Association

I founded the T.C.G.H.A in the summer of 2003. At this point of time, I have 6 volunteers who constantly work with me without any demands, as they share the same dream as I do. Currently, I have about 35 students training under me and my staffs as we teach them to conquer themselves but not others

Why is it called T.C.G.H.A?

Written on the account of Master Van-Phap:

My base purpose for creating this association is to help as many people as I possibly can. When I say that, I do more than just help them stay healthy and fit; I also teach them the virtue of life and assist them in avoiding and/or dealing with their personal negatives. In addition, I assign the responsibility of helping younger children with their schoolwork to the older students. As for the culture aspect of this association, every year, I plan-out several festivals and performances in order to educate the young generation, hoping that they too will carry on the fine traditions passed to us by our ancestors.

What is a Golden Heart?

Written on the account of Master Van-Phap:

First of all, as everyone knows, gold is precious and valuable. For whatever reason it is used for, gold costs quite a fortune. To me, a person with a golden heart is one who free-willingly dedicates themselves to help and care for others, and make them a priceless character.

Why Teach Martial Arts?

Written on the account of Master Van-Phap:

Being Eastern medicine certified, I understand the internal logic of the human body. Such as, the philosophy of the organs and their channels, the blood vessels and nervous networks, and the acupuncture points along with their energies. Therefore, I use martial-art as a fun and healthy way to physically and philosophically train student of all ages. I teach them to discipline themselves in order to harmonize and balance their body, mind, and energy.