Summer Buddha Camp

Buddha camp for Summer 2014 is between July 27th to August 2nd. Any students may attend this camp. Ages from 5 and up. There will be no staying over. All student will go home each day after session at 6 pm. Thanks


9am Morning Pray,10am Dharma Class, 11:30 Pray, 12:20 Lunch, 1-2:30 pm Recess, 2:30 Dharma Class Exam, 4pm Pray, 5 pm Dinner, 6pm End.

Out of many important values in life, piety and morality should be strongly upheld. In accordance to the Asian cultures, filial piety is regarded as a valuable heirloom that has been passed on for many generations. It is a special ingredient in maintaining a good life. In addition, piety is the wonderful unconditional love that rises above all types of love.

Therefore, every year on July of the lunar calendar, the Culture of Golden Heart Association is hosting one-week summer camp to educate the children of these important values. During this retreat, the children will be learning about the spiritual practice and ritual as well as the meaning of filial piety. They will be upholding good morals and conducts while living together under disciplinary rules and regulations. These essential qualities will help the children to restore and bring forth the importance of Asian culture and customs in their everyday lives.