TCGHA scholarship information: tcghascholarship@gmail.com

2016 - 2017 TCGHA Scholarship Information and Application


Our scholarship program here, at the Culture of the Golden Heart Association, is a program that helps and supports Houston area high schools seniors. We give out a limited amount of monetary award to those that can deeply impact us through their skills in academics, writing, and their future goals. Students can submit their applications, along with their essays, by mail. This program has been ongoing for the past couple of years and we hope to continue with this throughout the future.

For more information, please contact TCGHA Director of Scholarship Committee at tcghascholarship@gmail.com

Scholarship Award Day on 05/13/2018

We will have 6 scholarship recipients with the total amount of $4500.

1st - Thong Nguyen - $1000

2nd - Alyssa Harrell - $1000

3rd - Mariano Garcia - $750

4th - Brianna Romero - $750

5th - Jennah Hopper - $500

6th - Evans Marrero - $500

Scholarship Award Day on 05/15/2016

2016 Picture from left to right: Michelle Nguyen, Alison Tran, Yahaira Perez, Lacia Engels, Amy Truong

Scholarship Award Day on 05/10/2015

We will have 6 scholarship recipients with the total amount of $4000.

1st - Yiting Chen - $1000

2nd - Gerlin Leu - $750

3rd - Elissa Nguyen - $750

4th - Thi Nguyen - $500

5th - Sadie Burt - $500

6th - Melissa Loredo - $500

2015 Picture from left to right: Jenny Nguyen (Scholarship Committee), Sadie Burt, Elissa Nguyen, Thi Nguyen, Gerlin Leu, Yiting Chen, Melissa Loredo, Lucy Ngoc Luu (Director of Scholarship Committee), Van Nguyen (Scholarship Committee)

Scholarship Award Day on 05/11/2014

Picture from left to right:

Treasury: Kathy Tran, Secretary: Mrs:Meling Mai, Recipient from Dobie: David Dinh, Venerable Master, President of TCGHA: Master Van Phap, Recipient from Chaves HS: Carlos Diaz, and VP of TCGHA: Tuan Mai

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